Cactus Jack Designs, Based in Texas, strives to create natural and unique environments for each client.  We make an evaluation of your project site along with your input and come up with an image. We incorporate elevations for visual appeal and functional drainage. We want to create a comfort zone for you, your family and clients.

Cactus Jack uses all natural materials. Plants not commonly used by other designers are our mainstay. We travel to remote locations and collect specimen plants, architectural antiques and lots of rocks.

Jack Casey, "Cactus Jack" has spent many years developing friendships with ranchers and growers throughout Texas and Mexico. Yuccas and Magays from Mexico are grown in the Rio Grande Valley. Sotocs and Spanish Daggers from the west ranches out of Ozona make it to some of our projects. Trees are collected across Southwest Texas and then hauled to San Antonio. Moss rock boulders are harvested from ranches outlying Brownwood / San Saba. Cedar timber for our buildings are cut in Bandera Texas. Cantera stone is carved for fountains, fireplace mantles and pool coping in Jalisco Mexico.

We use only experienced and imaginative craftsmen. Our masons, carpenters, painters, blacksmiths and rockmen take pride in our projects. Each and every rock has a "cara" or "face". We always put the very best face forward. Cactus Jack projects will always reflect God's nature and our Texas pride.

"Let me pull on your 
ear awhile and I'll tell
you how I'd do it"